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Visiting with Children

The activities and initiatives of the Department of Archaeology and Museums, appeals to the children through the various artefacts and the monuments of the state, offering interesting experiences to them. This helps them in gaining awareness about the domain of Archaeology and how the efforts made by the government has led to the establishment of museums as well as taking up of many activities related to the field such as preservation and conservation.

Children visiting the museums can explore all the arenas in the museums where they can also spend time playing in the gardens developed at various museums. The themed concepts which has been created at various museums offers avenues wherein children can study exploratory arts and indulge in creative efforts to understand the history of the region.

In order to nurture skill development among them and also help them in learning intuitively using the various tools, Archaeology department welcomes children who can learn making small tools during workshops and guided tours. The monuments offer children an entirely new perspective where they can understand and interpret history, gaining a comprehensive and new view of history.

It is important to nurture children with sound awareness regarding legacy and history of the region because it helps them in their all round development right from childhood with knowledge regarding social aspects and cultural aspects of the society with a historical context.