Third International seminar

The Department of Heritage Telangana, formerly known as Department of Heritage telangana has been conducting international seminars since the year 2017. The First International Seminar titled ‘Rediscovering Telangana’ explored the recent trends in Archaeology, Art History and Conservation. This was followed by the Second International Seminar in January, 2018 titled ‘Telangana through Ages – Perspectives from Early and Medieval Periods’. Telangana’s extensive and rich history was explored through this seminar.

We are glad to announce the Third Edition of International Seminar, slated to be held in January, 2019. Through this seminar we intend to explore empires and kingdoms of Dakshiṇāpatha from early times to 1000A.D, namely the Nandas, the Mauryas, the Pre-Sātavāhanas, the Sātavāhanas, the Vishṇukuṇḍins, the Vākāṭakas the Chāḷukyas of Bādāmī and the Rāshtrakūtas.

Dakshiṇāpatha’s geographical boundaries vary in ancient texts. While some include Damịla-Vishaya or Tamil Country in the south, some other consider Kāñchī to be the Southern boundary. Northern boundary of Dakshiṇāpatha varies from east of Vindhyas to west of Vindhyas. In its broadest application, Dakshiṇāpatha comprises the whole of India between the southern sea and the Vindhyas-dakshiṇasya samudrasya tathā Vindyasya chantare1. Dakshiṇa, which later came to be expressed as ‘Deccan’ denoted a lesser geographic extent. For the purpose of this seminar, we confine ourselves to the historic land in peninsular India that stretches from Sahiyadriparvat and the expanse of hill and plateau that connects it with Mahendragiri and forms the watershed between Mahānandī and Godāvarī in the north, to the Kṛishṇā and the Tuṇgabhadrā in the south and from the Arabian Sea in the west to the Bay of Bengal in the east2.

This two-day seminar aims to bring together the scholars whose research is based on Telangana and create an environment of learning and discovery. It would facilitate future scholars to learn the recent developments in historical research. We extend a warm welcome to you to participate in the seminar by presenting your research paper on the above subject to discover Telangana’s vibrant history.

We welcome papers in topics related to:

I ) The above mentioned dynasties and their contribution to the region

II ) Cities and towns of the early period in Dakshiṇāpatha.

Abstracts for papers should be submitted latest by 30th November, 2018 to the email addresses below. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words and should include the paper’s title. Please attach a CV with your proposal. Speakers at the conference will be given 20 minutes to present their papers. Presenters will be informed of their acceptance after a rigorous process of assessment. The Department will use the select papers as per the advice of the editorial committee for publications and only those who agree to this shall send their paper. Submission of full paper is mandatory before 5th January, 2019.

In addition to the honorarium, the Department of Heritage Telangana will support both onward and return journey from /to your city/country and Hyderabad, and stay at Hyderabad for the duration of the seminar.

Please address abstracts and queries to:

1. &

2. We will not be able entertain the abstracts sent after 30th November 2018

1. Rayachaudhuri, H.(1960). The Geography of the Deccan, in G. Yazdani, The Early History of the Deccan, Vol. I, p.3. Hyderabad: Department of Heritage .
2. Ibid

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