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Head Office
Sl.No. Designation Name Sarvasri/Smt
1 Director Smt. N.R.Visalatchy, IPoS
2 Peshi P.Saritha, P.A.
3 Dy. Director (Engg.) B. Narayana
4 Dy. Director (Technical) -
5 Asst. Director(T/Museums) V. Nagalakshmi
6 Asst. Director(Admn) Smt. B.S.Shantha Kumari
7 Asst. Director (Engg.) -
8 I/c Director of Qutub Shahi Tombs B. Narayana
9 Asst. Director(T), State Museum D.Ramulu Naik
10 Archaeology Consultant (13th F.C) S.S. Rangacharyulu
11 Asst. Director, i/c, MBNR B. Bujji
12 Asst. Director, i/c, Karimnagar Ch. Madhavi
13 Asst. Director, i/c, Warangal B. Ganga Devi
14 I/c. of Centenary Heritage Museum V. Nagalakshmi
15 Asst. Sthapathi A. Janardhan Reddy
16 A-Section Superintendent P. Shanker
17 B-Section Superintendent A.Raju
18 C-Section Superintendent G. Radha Krishna
19 S-Section Superintendent J. Amara Jyothi