The Ghanpur Group of Temples

The Ghanpur Group of Temples is a marvelous architectural enterprise of the glorious Kakatiya Dynasty (1052-1323 A.D.). Ghanpur is a village and mandal situated in the Mulugu taluk of Warangal district. Kota Gullu is a group of 12th century stone temples that are located in Ghanpur. They are known for their intricate architecture and have been among the notable destinations in the district. Identified by Heritage Telangana Department in 1931-33 these temples have been illustrated with Ground Plans, Spatial Organization and ornate carvings on specific parts like upapithas, adhishthanas, pabhaga or wall decoration, varandika mouldings, kapota or cornice, vedi-bandha and superstructure or the vimana. The author has also described its beautiful interior parts like antarala door-ways and Bracket Figures like Madanikas.

Published Year: 1985.

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