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Date Title Newspaper
12-10-2018 Archaeology Dept.turns its focus on Khairatabad Masid The Hindu
28-09-2018 Eenadu Eenadu
28-09-2018 Namasthe Telangana Namasthe Telangana
11-09-2018 Restoring the charm of Qutb Shahi tombs The Hindu
30-08-2018 Sakshi Sakshi
28-08-2018 Sakshi Sakshi
26-08-2018 A temple where Saivism and Vaishnavism go hand in hand Deccan Chronicle
04-08-2018 400-year-old glory being restored The Hans India
03-08-2018 Andhra Jyothi Andhra Jyothi
29-07-2018 Andhra Jyothi Andhra Jyothi
22-07-2018 Iconic arch of Kakatiya victory regains its glory Deccan Chronicle
11-07-2018 Namasthe Telangana Namasthe Telangana
11-07-2018 Dabeerpura Darwaza freed of encroachments Times of India
11-07-2018 GHMC demolishes illegal constructions at Dabeerpura Darwaza The Hans India
11-07-2018 Debeerpura cleared of encroachments Deccan Chronicle
08-07-2018 Sardar Papanna: 'Bandit' for Aurangzeb, hero for locals Deccan Chronicle
02-07-2018 Raymond's Tombs set for makeover Telangana Today
27-06-2018 Makeover begins for dargah shah raju Times of India
21-06-2018 Protecting Telangana Temple Legacy The Hindu
21-06-2018 Eenadu Newspaper Eenadu
21-06-2018 Namasthe Telangana Newspaper Namasthe Telangana
16-06-2018 Open Mosque at Masjid-e-Quba today The Hans India
15-06-2018 Shah Rajul tomb repair works begin The Hans India
09-06-2018 Namasthe Telanagana News Namasthe Telangana
09-06-2018 Rare metal found in peddabonkur excavations Telangana Today
08-06-2018 Heritage sites restoration works to pick up pace Hans india
07-06-2018 Stepwells in state to get new lease of life Hans india
04-06-2018 A race to save Hyderabad's Ashoorkhana The Hindu
04-06-2018 Eenadu News Eenadu
03-06-2018 Unique stepwells on show The Hindu
22-05-2018 Namasthe Telangana News Namasthe Telangana
22-05-2018 Namasthe Telangana - Warangal Namasthe Telangana
18-05-2018 Namasthe Telangana Namasthe Telangana
18-05-2018 The Museum is a symbol of history Namasthe Telangana
18-05-2018 Representing History, It is a Knowledge House for the Future Eenadu
15-05-2018 Tombs of hakims nearly restored Telangana Today
26-04-2018 APS Golconda holds heritage walk for kids Telangana Today
26-04-2018 Discovery of One More Kakatiya Era Inscription Eenadu
26-04-2018 Kakatiya Inscriptions Found in Gudithanda, Mahabubabad District Namasthe Telangana
25-04-2018 Restoring the glory of Hakim tombs Eenadu
25-04-2018 ASI help sought for world Heritage Site nomination The Hindu
24-04-2018 Inspecting Stone Age Burials Sakshi
20-04-2018 Qutb Shahi Tombs will be major draw now: Official Times Of India
19-04-2018 Restored tombs opened to public Telangana Today
19-04-2018 Another year in Telugu calender cycle discovered The Hindu
19-04-2018 Qutb Shahi tombs to be plastic free, eco-friendly The Hans India
19-04-2018 Restored Qutb Shahi Park open to public The Indian Express
19-04-2018 Qutb Shahi tombs open from Friday The Hindu
18-04-2018 Refurbished Qutb Shahi tombs to attract tourists The Hans India
18-04-2018 Seven tombs back to days of yore Telangana Today
15-04-2018 Qutb Shahi tombs wear a new look after restoration The Hindu
09-04-2018 Rare Sculpture of Rudrama Devi's 'last battle' discovered The Hindu
29-03-2018 Evidence of Ancient Era in Peddabonkur eenadu
29-03-2018 Satavahana Era Artefacts in Peddabonkur Andhra Jyothi
29-03-2018 Historic Traces in Peddabonkur Namaste Telangana
29-03-2018 Ancient history buried deep comes to fore in Peddapally The Hans India
29-03-2018 Historic treasure unearthed at Peddabonkur Telangana Today
04-03-2018 These vertical rocks are world famous Andhra Jyothi
03-03-2018 Third Eye on Bhuvanagiri Khilla Andhra Jyothi
03-03-2018 Bhuvanagiri Khilla in intelligence shadow Namaste Telangana
03-03-2018 Khilla in intelligence shadow Sakshi
01-03-2018 US envoy visits Qutub Shahi Tombs complex The Hindu
01-03-2018 US envoy visits Qutub Shahi Tombs Telangana Today
27-02-2018 Finally, the finial gets fixed at Qutub Shahi tombs The Hindu
27-02-2018 Cannon to be preserved for posterity Telangana Today
27-02-2018 Cannon moved to archaeology dept office The New Indian Express
26-02-2018 German historian embarks on study of Devunigutta Temple The Hans India
25-02-2018 State Director of Archeology Department visited Panagal Killa Eenadu
25-02-2018 Ancient structure Adurs Sakshi
25-02-2018 Historian: Devunigutta temple is extraordinarily marvellous Deccan Chronical
25-02-2018 Devuni Gutta is an Amazing Monument Namaste Telangana
23-02-2018 Excavation helps in reconstructing history The Hans India
22-02-2018 state efforts in preserving heritage sites Draw Praise Telangana Today
22-02-2018 Tourism officials inspect works at Qutub Shahi Tombs The Hans India
22-02-2018 Telangana's efforts in preserving heritage sites draw praise Telangana Today
22-02-2018 Preservation Efforts of Heritage Sites By TS Govt Draw Praise Surya Nirmal
21-02-2018 Archaeological Museum for siddipet soon Telangana Today
18-02-2018 Archaeology Department renamed as 'Heritage Telangana' The Hans India
17-02-2018 Iran prez at Mecca Masjid: Ready to Share Oil with India Times of India
17-02-2018 Rouhani's historic Hyd tryst high on promise Times of India
17-02-2018 Hyderabadi Style Iranian Cuisine offered to the Iranian President Sakshi
16-02-2018 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits Qutub Shahi tombs in Hyderabad The Indian Express
16-02-2018 Iranian President visits Qutub Shahi tombs The Hans India
16-02-2018 Iranian President visits Qutub Shahi tombs in Hyderabad The Hans India
16-02-2018 Rouhani visits Qutub Shahi tombs in Hyd, calls for united fight against west Deccan Chronical
16-02-2018 Rouhani's unity call to Muslims in Hyd Times of India
16-02-2018 Rouhani visits Qutub Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad Rediff
16-02-2018 Hassan Rouhani visits Hyderabad Mosque, Calls for unity among Muslims NDTV
16-02-2018 Hassan Rouhani Visits Hyderabad as he begins 3-day India visit NDTV
16-02-2018 Iran President's India visit: Rouhani calls for unity among Muslims Hindustani Times
16-02-2018 Iran President's India visit: Rouhani calls for unity among Muslims Hindustani Times
16-02-2018 Iran President's visit At The Qutb Shahi Tombs Brings Its Architecture to the Fore Eeyuva
16-02-2018 Iranian President visits Qutub Shahi Tombs & Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad DD news
16-02-2018 Iran President visits Qutb Shahi tombs ANI
15-02-2018 Telangana: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to speak at Mecca Masjid The New Indian Express
15-02-2018 Iran President Hassan Rouhani arrives in Hyderabad Times Of India
15-02-2018 Rouhani's Muslim leadership outreach in strategic hyd visit Times Of India
15-02-2018 Rouhani's tryst with Mecca Masjid: Here Sectarian, religious lines blur Times Of India
14-02-2018 Iran Prez to Make history with Friday address at Makkah Masjid Times Of India
14-02-2018 Iran President to address people in Hyderabad mosque this Friday Times Of India
13-02-2018 Iranian President to offer Friday prayers in Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid The News Minute
08-02-2018 Resurrected Monuments at Qutb Shahi tombs set to be thrown open in March The Hindu
23-01-2018 The Highlights of Telangana Culture Nava Telangana
20-01-2018 Telangana played key role in blending cultures The Times Of India
20-01-2018 Researchers highlight never-seen-before facts of State's heritage during International seminar The New Indian Express
20-01-2018 Telangana has a Great History Associated with Ayurveda Eenadu
20-01-2018 TS History Grabs Spotlight Deccan Chronicle
20-01-2018 Rediscovering The Glory Of Telangana Telangana Today
20-01-2018 A walk through the ages The Hindu
09-01-2018 A Milestone in Archaeological Conservation. Andhra Jyothi
09-01-2018 The Artisan of Poetry and Dreams The Times of India
09-01-2018 Soulful Evening in Krishnakriti Festival The Hans India
08-01-2018 An Enchanting evening with Muzaffar Ali Times Of India
08-01-2018 A Spectacular rendezvous by the Qutb Shahi Tombs Times Of India
08-01-2018 Weaver of Dreams: A window into Muzaffar Ali's life The Hindu
08-01-2018 A Depiction of Dreams Deccan Chronicle
07-01-2018 Muzaffar Ali,Sathya Saran capture hearts YouthMirror
04-01-2018 Art Extraordinaire The New Indian Express
02-11-2017 13th century temple gets a fresh lease of life The Hans India
27-10-2017 Darbar Hall of Women’s College to regain its splendour The Hindu
17-10-2017 Officials inspect Mecca Masjid restoration works The Hans India
15-10-2017 Restoration of the oldest & largest mosque in Hyderabad, India has begun The Hans India
07-08-2017 Revealed: 4,000-year-old bone jewels The Hindu
01-08-2017 Haritha Haram - Tree Plantation Drive at Devarakonda Fort Sakshi
28-07-2017 Haritha Haaram, A Concerted Effort for Green Telangana Sakshi
22-07-2017 Forts to have green cover soon The Hans India
07-07-2017 Latest excavations yield Satavahana era relics in Peddapalli. Nava Telangana
05-07-2017 Restoration of the Iconic Mortuary Bath, Qutub Shahi Tombs Eenadu
04-07-2017 Oxygen-Free, Nitrogen Showcase for Egyptian Mummy of State Museum, Hyderabad Sakshi
26-06-2017 Excavations unearth a new narrative to Megalithic era The New Indian Express
09-06-2017 Excavations for Shatavahana Town Karnamamidi Sakshi
06-06-2017 New Excavations at Karnamamidi, Unveils Shatavahana History Andhra Jyothi
14-05-2017 who are the rulers of pre-satavahana era ? Sakshi
14-05-2017 Acclaimed Art Performance ‘Tvamevaham’, at British Residency, Koti Namaste Telangana
01-05-2017 Art Performance by Sravanthi Juluri at British Residency Captivates the Audience Eenadu
01-05-2017 Paintings Exhibition and Art Performance by Sravanthi Juluri Sakshi
01-05-2017 Eye on British Residency as museum Deccan Chronicle
22-04-2017 Reviving Residency, Reminiscing a Romance The New Indain Express
19-04-2017 Singer Vidya Shah and Author William Dalrymple perform at the event ‘Reviving Residency’ The Times of India
19-04-2017 Koti Women’s College, illuminated with aesthetic lighting arrangements. Andhra Jyothi
19-04-2017 Photo Exhibition at Koti Women’s College as part of ‘Reviving Residency’ Event. Deccan Chronicle
19-04-2017 Koti Women’s College to be transformed into a Heritage Tourist Attraction. Eenadu
25-03-2017 Historic Artefacts Discovered in Narmeta Eenadu
17-03-2017 Archaeologists discover huge relic from Iron Age Deccan Chronicle
05-03-2017 Shaivite Veeragallu idol found Telangana Today
29-01-2017 Telangana Chamber Tombs Reveal Burial Secrets Deccan Chronicle
04-01-2017 State to strive for heritage tag to 7 tombs Deccan Chronicle
04-01-2017 KTR pledges to make badi baoli hyderabad's pride The Hindu
04-01-2017 State push for world heritage tag to Qutub Shahi necropolis The times of India
29-11-2016 Restoration work of Sawagatha Thoranam at Inavolu Namasthe Telangana
16-11-2016 No Film Shoots for now at Qutub Shahi Tombs The Times of India
24-10-2016 Mudimala megalithic burials Sakshi
24-10-2016 Earliest astronomical observatory dating back to 5000 BC found in Telangana village Bangalore Mirror
17-09-2016 Salarjung Museum, Among World’s Top 25! Deccan Chronicle
15-07-2016 Excavations at Qutub Shahi Tombs throw light on remains of a mosque The Times of India
04-07-2016 Mummy returns city gets back its treasure The Times of India
03-07-2016 The Indian man who restored a 4,500-year-old mummy BBC
20-02-2016 Gadis to get vernacular heritage tag The Hindu
12-02-2016 Best of the Koodiyattam The Hindu
09-02-2016 Efforts on to preserve mummy at State museum The Hindu
07-02-2016 Neolithic rock paintings found in Mahabubnagar The Hindu
24-10-2015 Raghuram G Rajan visits Quli Qutb Shahi Tombs Prokerala
16-09-2015 Press Release of Latest Discoveries in Telangana Press Note
07-09-2015 Indo-French Architecture Students Exchange Program The Hindu
13-08-2015 Archaeologists Unearth 1000BC Megalithic Burial Site in Medak Indian Express
08-08-2015 'Summer Palace', Masjid and Tunnel Among Remains at Qutb Shahi Tombs Indian Express
25-07-2015 Megalithic burial site unearthed The Hindu
03-06-2015 Archaeologists Examine at the Animal Paintings on Rocks Deccan Chronicle