District Museum, Pillalamarri



10:30am AM to 5:00pm PM

closed on Fridays and Public Holidays


Pillalamarri, Mahabubnagar district

The District Museum, Pillalamarri was established in the year 1976 in a one-acre area. It is located at a distance of 3 km from Mahabubnagar town, close to the popular 700-year old Pillalamarri Banyan tree.

The museum is a repository of stone sculptures collected from various places of Mahabubnagar District such as Poodur, Kalwakol, Gollathagudi, Vaddeman dating back from 6th to 16th Century AD. In addition to this sculptural gallery, later another building was constructed and named Jurala pavilion which accommodates objects such as pre-historic stone tools, coins, pottery etc., that were relocated from the Jurala submergence area and other items used by local samsthanams of the region.

Currently there are 120 stone sculptures in display at the museum building and adjacent garden and more than 80 sculptures are displayed in stores without any pedestal. The collections from Amarabad of Mahabubnagar District and some of the artefacts acquired from State Museum, Hyderabad were added later. The Museum is located in a pleasant atmosphere near the banyan tree and the forest gardens.

Visitor Facilities

Clean drinking water and rest rooms are available. Seating arrangements are provided in the garden. Low price booklets and brochures are available.

How to Reach

The nearest airport is the Shamshabad International Airport located around 80 km from the town. There are taxis available from the airport to reach the town. Mahabubnagar railway station is well connected to other parts of Telangana State and important junctions of India. It is connected to Hyderabad, nearly 100 km away through national highway.

Entry Fee

  • Adults10/-
  • Children5/-
  • Camera0/-
  • Video0/-