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Near Someswara Swamy temple,Kolanupaka

Kolanupaka in Nalgonda District of Telangana is famous for the ancient 2000-year old Jain temple of Mahavira, with a 1.5 meter high statue of Mahavira. Kolanupaka was the second capital of the Kalyani Chalukyas during the 11th century. During this period, the village was a great religious centre of Jains, and ranks among the other great Jain centers of South India.

The memorial stones have been well preserved here for more than thousand years. The Kolanupaka site museum is a major attraction of this place. The museum contains statues and other objects of relevance for both Hinduism and Jainism. It is one of the magnificent museums in India, where one can explore ancient culture and heritage.

The Site Museum, Kolanupaka is situated in the temple complex of Someswara Swamy temple, Kolanupaka, close to the great Jain temple. Some of the important sculptures here are that of Mahavira, Matsyavallabha, Chamundi, Nandi, ranging from 6th to 16th Century AD. The Director of Heritage has established a sculptural gallery here which exhibits artefacts gathered from the various historical monuments in Kolanupaka. Artefacts from both the Chalukya and Kakatiya styles are displayed here in the museum. The museum has more than 100 images and is considered to be a great site where research scholars in the field of sculpture and calligraphy can explore Chalukya and Kakatiya periods in-depth.


  • Manasthambha (Victory Pillar) of Tribhuvanamalla with an inscription, 1076-1127 A.D.
  • Ganapathi Statue of Chalukya Period,12th Century A.D.
  • Nataraja Statue of Chalukya period,12th Century A.D.
  • Virangal Statue (Couple) (Elopment) of Kalyani Chalukya period, 12th Century A.D.
  • Mahishasuramardani of Kalyani Chalukya period,12th Century A.D.
  • Kosthapanjara with Uma Maheswara of Kalyani Chalukya Period,12th Century A.D.
  • Chamundi of Kakatiya period, 13th Century A.D.
  • Govinda Statue of Kakatiya Period, 13th Century A.D.
  • Kodanda Rama Statue of Vijayanagar period, 12th Century A.D.
  • Nandi Statue of Kakatiya Period 13th Century A.D.
  • Mahavir in Yoga posture statue of Chalukya Period, 13th Century A.D.
  • Vajrapani statue of Kakatiya period, 13th Century A.D.

Visitor Facilities

Clean drinking water and rest rooms are available. Seating arrangements are provided in the garden. Low price booklets and brochures are available

How to Reach

Kolanupaka is located approximately 79 km from Hyderabad and 71 km from Warangal city. Tourists can access this place by bus or train from either Warangal or Hyderabad until Aler, from where they can hire private transport.

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