Ramalayam (Picturesque situation built on flat rock, Dravidian style)

17th Century CE


Dichpalli, Dichpalli, Nizamabad

Rama temple built in Vijayanagara style is located on a small hillock in a beautiful back ground, 10 km away from Nizamabad on the outskirts of Dichpalli village. To reach the temple one has to climb more than hundred steps through a beautiful entrance torana, which is surmounted by keerthi mukha. The temple consists of a big hall with a small mandapa, having entrances on its three sides facing east.

The door jambs of the entrances are carved with Jaya, Vijaya (Vaishnavaite dwarapalakas) while the lintel portion of door jambs is decorated with gajalakshmi motif. The temple is built on a high raised decorated adhistana. The external walls of the temple are decorated with kostha, pilasters and kumbha panjara series. The cornice portion is decorated with kudu motifs surmounted with keerthi mukhas. The central portions of all kudus are decorated with musicians in different poses, holding musical instruments.

How to Reach

Dichpalli is located at a distance of nearly 17 km from the district headquarters of Nizamabad. Nizamabad is connected to Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, located at a distance of approximately 175 km, through road and rail transport.