Vaishnavite Temple (Lakshmi Narayana Temple)

12th CE


Jainath, Jainath, Adilabad


There is a stone inscription in the temple written in Sanskrit language in Devanagari script. It begins with an obeisance to the sun god- namah Suryaya. It records the military achievements of king Jagaddeva son of Udayaditya of Paramara family. It also records foundation of an agrahara and erection of a temple of Nimvaditya by Padmavathi wife of Lolarka. According to Kolanupaka inscriptions Jagaddeva ruled Kollipaka province for a short period (1104 – 1108 CE) as a subordinate of Chalukya king Tribhuvanamalla of Kalyana.

Though there are number of temples in the village the main temple is dedicated to Sri Lakshminarayana. The temple faces east. It is erected on a high Jagati, which elevates the temple structure from its surrounding area. The jagati serves as an open promenade and pradakshanapatha around the temple. The compartments of the temple namely mukhamandapa, antarala and garbhagriha connected internally and externally. They are planned on one single axis, which runs east west. The walls of the temple constructed with large blocks of dressed stones. The temple seems to have been constructed in 12th CE in Hemadpanthi style.

How to Reach

Jainath village is located at a distance of nearly 22 km from Adilabad town.