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Interpretation centre

The visitors of the state museum will now be able to interact and access information at the Interactive Interpretation Center. The interpretation centre is in a digital engagement format and allows viewers to interact at various levels. One can see an interactive wall on the history of Hyderabad as they enter the centre. This wall gives viewers the ability to interact with images and QR codes on the wall via their mobile phones, tablets and smart devices to experience sights from the past. Multi touch interfaces and LED televisions allow presentation of various galleries and exhibits of the State museum in the latest technologies enhancing the viewer experience. The applications in the center have been designed keeping in mind the interest of the various profiles of visitors at the museum. The center is curated by Birad Rajaram Yajnik. Similar work of his exists at the Howard University in Washington D.C, Nelson Mandela Foundation at Johannesburg and the Mahatma Gandhi Digital Museum at Hyderabad.

Interpretation centre will help the State Museum located in Public Gardens, Hyderabad, in connecting with the tech savvy era and project its attributes as one of the richest repositories of antiquities and art objects in the country. It contributes for viewing all the information, exhibits, artefacts and galleries through digital format, which enhances the user experience. In advanced information age, this can enhance the scope and activities of the state museum as well as in reaching out to more visitors. The multi touch interface imparts a sense of feel among the visitors who would not only view these exhibits but also feel the rich legacy where they become part of the wonderful experience. LED televisions usher an impressive viewer experience which is a value add for a museum of repute like State Museum, Hyderabad.

The museum with some of the impressive and famous exhibits such as Egyptian Mummy, important Buddhist and Jain relics, Buddhist gallery, Coins of the Satavahana period, Brahmanical and Jain gallery, Arms and armour gallery, sculptures, Numismatics gallery, Ajanta gallery, Bronze figures from the Vijayanagar and Chola periods, Roman era coins, etc offers a visually delightful experience for the visitors. The applications in the Interactive Interpretation center will usher a new identity for the museum in the social media generation and appeals to one and all through the use of such effective visual mediums.