Sri Chennakesava Swamy Temple

Gangapur of Gangapuram is a village situated in the Mahabubnagar District, about 7 km from the Jadcherla Railway station.

Gangapur was an important religious centre during the Kalyani Chalukyan times. Of the several inscriptions found here one belongs to the time of Somesvara., four belong to the time of Vikramaditya VI, three belong to the time of Bhulokamalla Somesvara III. The inscription of the time of Vikramaditya VI dated 1091 A.D, testifies the existence of the Sri Chennakesava Swamy Temple and also refers to the gods Sagaresvaradeva, Kesavadeva, Komaresvaradeva, Somanathadeva, Salesvaradeva, Bhimesvara and Sri Pojjisvaradeva.

Of the monuments in Gangapur, the temple of Kesavaswami is the most important one. The main temple has entrances on east, south and north. Each entrance is preceded by a porch and leads into the hall of the temple. The temple consists of a hall, an antarala and the Garbagriha. The superstructure is of the stepped pyramidal variety with a dome like crowning member and finial. The style of the temple is Kalyani Chalukya.

The principal deity in the temple is Vishnu standing in samabhanga posture. He has four hands carrying Padma, Sanka, Chakra and Gada . This form of Vishnu, according to iconographical texts is known as Kesava. Since this image is very beautiful, he is known as “Chennakesava swamy”

Minor shrines and pillared halls: There are four minor shrines on four corners of the main temple. Each shrine is constructed on a platform with steps having a hall and garbhagriha. There are two pillared halls one on eastern side and the other is on southern side. The southern side mandapa has entrances on southern and northern sides.

In the temple complex there is a beautiful step well (Koneru).