Recent findings from Buddhist Mahastupa, Phanigiri Village

The Department has taken up conservation and Restoration of Mahastupa and Chaityagruhas at Phanigiri hillock. During the scientific clearance works on January 6, 2015 a valuable dull red ware earthen pot with silver container consisting of 11 miniatures beats, three silver and three thin gold flower pelts were discovered at the north eastern corner of Mahastupa, at the base of drum portion.

In view of this discovery, it can be assessed that this Maha stupa may be considered as Paribhogika stupa (containing the personal belongings of Buddhist monks) which had flourished right from Ashoka period to 4th CAD.

A Potin Coin (weighing 1.3gms dia 1.5 cms) was also collected from the surface. On the obverse of the coin, bust of the male figure (King) and on the reverse, a ship with legend of 3rd CAD characters are depicted. Preliminarily it is deciphered as Mahakshtrapa.

In Telangana State this is first such Stupa discovered with personal belongings of a Buddhist Monk and is hence considered as an auspicious one.