Exhibition of Excavated Materials From Megalithic Burials – Narmeta

The Department has conducted Excavations during field season (2016-2017) at Megalithic Burial Sites, Narmeta village, Nangunur mandal  in Siddipet district and unearthed good number of antiquities such as Iron implements, bone ornaments, conches, pottery etc.,

On the occasion of 3rd formation day of Telangana State i.e., on 02-06-2017, the department has displayed all the antiquities unearthed from the exhibition at Centenary Heritage Museum, Gunfoundry, Hyderabad. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Director and kept open for public for period of one week i.e., 2-6-2017 to 9-6-2017.

Highlights of the excavation materials at Narmeta.

  1. Biggest cap stone (6.70 x 4.00 x 0.65 mtrs.) in anthropomorphic shape has been exposed at site is rare and unique. The cap stone is big in size in South India.
  2. Unique red ware fire stands with perforations were recovered from this meg probably used for funeral purpose not reported in any megalithic burial except in the State.
  3. Graffiti marks which are common on pottery are also reported from this site.
  4. Three legged red ware miniature pot is also rare find from this site.
  5. Antiquities: Diamond shaped bone ornaments is reported for the first time in megalithic context in this region along with iron knife and iron hook.