Elgandal fort

Elgandal fort is located on the left bank of river Maner near Karimnagar town on Karimnagar-Vemulavada road. It was constructed during the Kakatiya period, and later it had passed on to the hands of Qutb Shahis of Golconda.

There are two stone fortification walls i.e., the outer and the inner. There are two mosques imposingly constructed one on the top of the hill and the other at the foot of the hill. The exterior walls are decorated with floral designs in stucco.

Experts of the Department of Heritage Telangana have taken up the preservation of this hill fort, with the funds sanctioned by the 13th Finance Commission, on an area of 50-60 acres by carefully excavating and restoring this fort which was a military bastion in earlier times.

There are ammunition buildings, mosques, two jail khanas, wells and other structural edifices which are being conserved with the efforts of the department.