Second Day of Botanical Art Workshop and the Exhibition – “Forests and Gardens of South India: The Cleghorn Collection of Botanical Drawings”.

Accompanying the exhibition, Forests and Gardens of South India:Botanical Drawings from the Cleghorn Collection, Heritage Telangana presents a series of botanical art workshops by three visiting artists – Neera Joshi Pradhan, Meena Subramaniam and Nirupa Rao.

The second day of teacher training workshop, by Neera Joshi Pradhan, artist from Kathmandu, was attended by 10 teachers from the Department of Botany, OU Women’s College, Koti and 3 teachers from the JNAFAU’s College of Fine Arts. Participants, were quite enthusiastic about this one-of-its-kind workshop and spent two eventful days at the Museum, drawing, painting, and learning the art of making habit sketches.

50 students from class 6 and 7 of Vidyaranya High School visited the Museum. Dr. Sita Reddy, a Hyderabad-based curator and editor of the Marg magazine on botanical art and artist Neera Joshi interacted with them and excited their curiosity about art, science, nature, drawing and history.