Children for Heritage Walk-VII

On 1st August ’15 , 82 students along with three teachers from P.Obul Reddy Public School and Govt. School, Film Nagar reached the cultural complex of Taramati Baradari to explore the heritage of this city through this monument.

The walk started with a small introduction session about the importance of heritage and why there is a need to protect and restore them, how as future citizens we can take care of our monuments. Later a brief history of the city was introduced to the students.

After the introduction session the children were taken to the monument, here more tales associated with the monument were narrated. And then the students where let to explore the monument and while they were discovering a good insight regarding the architecture of the building was given. Many architectural concepts used in the constructions were explained to the students, so that they understand the purpose of these elements and how these concepts can still be used in today’s time.

After spending a good amount of time at the monument the students returned back to the cultural complex, where we had a small interaction session with the students. The young minds had many interesting questions regarding the materials that were used, the way the construction was done, the stories associated with the monument.

Feedback from the students

Why is heritage important to us?

” It’s important to know about our heritage as we were not present during those times thus by protecting these monuments in today’s time we can feel closer to our own history”- M Srinivas, Class 9 , Govt School, Film Nagar

Would you change anything about this place if you went back in time?

“There is nothing mush I would change in those days as most of it was crafted to perfection. If there is anything I would change that would be in today’s time, to stop people from spoiling the monuments”- Gautam Singh, Class 8, P Obul Reddy Public School”.