Children for Heritage Walk-VI

The 6th Architectural Heritage Walk saw 55 Students from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jubilee Hills and Vivekanada High School, Jubilee Hills come to explore the beautiful cultural complex of Taramati Baradari . The students arrived at the Complex at 10:00AM along with three teachers. The walk started with a small introduction on Heritage the value it holds and why it is important to protect it. Then the students were briefed out on topics like conservation, restoration etc. Later the history of the monument was explained along with the understanding of how the city of Hyderabad evolved. After the introduction session the children were taken to the monument, here more tales associated with the monument were narrated. And then the students where let to explore the monument and while they were discovering a good insight regarding the architecture of the building was given. After spending a good amount of time at the monument the students returned back to the cultural complex where there was a small Q&A session. And then the students gave a brief feed back about their experiences, where few said how it was important to know about our heritage being in a country like India , which is so rich in its heritage.and by 11:30 the students started back to their schools.