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The Department of Heritage Telangana, Telangana, entrusted with the protection and safeguarding of the Archaeological sites and monuments of the state collaborates with other institutions, museums and universities in India and abroad for more exploration related activities and other projects. This contributes for more knowledge in the public domain, heralding a new era of collaborations that upholds the heritage value of Archaeological sites, offers more exposure, supports intensive exploration and forges new partnerships between academic institutes of excellence.


Telangana, with its rich legacy of heritage sites, museums and monuments offers a lot to explore, study and research. You can team up with our explorers and talented researchers in profiling the sites, exploring new sites, and unraveling new discoveries, tracing the history related to the numerous sites of India’s youngest state.

International Students

Telangana is a marvel that intrigues and offers a world of opportunities for academic research in the field of Archaeology. We are open for academic partnerships with student groups and research communities from overseas universities, museums and research centres. With a recorded history tracing back to B.C’s, the numerous sites and geological formations of Telangana offer a rich potential for intensive exploration and research. The Department of Heritage Telangana, Telangana extends its co-operation to one and all, in this endeavor

The British Residency Visit
Heritage Restoration Work
Human Skeletal Samples of Megalithic and Historic Period