Kids Zone

Explore, Discover, Learn

The Kids Zone theme of the Department of Heritage Telangana is a unique concept which appeals to the school going children wherein the artefacts and the monuments offer interesting and creative experiences to them.

Here children can explore the various arenas in the museums and also can spend time playing in the gardens that have been developed at various museums. They can access the special natural environments created for them. In the nature-themed area, they can also practice rolling, climbing and crawling all-around, playing in a very safe environment.

Art Studio

The Art Studios at various museums has many exploratory art activities for children wherein they can try their hand with markers and crayons as well as papers in many sizes and colors. Children can also enjoy their time, using clay and their implements.

Indoor Play

This is a really great place where kids are fully fired up with energy and is an excellent way to nurture skill development among them and help them learn intuitively using the various tools. This can instill a positive spirit among them and motivate them to understand the field of Archaeology and its significance, right from an early age.

Guided tours and excursions

Schools and families all over can book their appointment for an exclusive and dedicated tour where they can bring their children to experience the beautiful heritage and the rich past of the state. The monuments offer an entirely new perspective for them to explore, understand and interpret history, that can also mould their thinking and creative faculties, offering a whole new view of history.

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