Visiting with Schools

The Department of Heritage Telangana, Telangana appeals to the school going children by hosting various educational tours for them to visit the artefacts and the monuments that offers interesting experiences to them.

Here children can explore different arenas in the museums and also can spend time playing in the gardens, developed at various museums. They can access the special natural environments created exclusively for them. The Art Studios at various museums has many exploratory art activities for school children wherein they can also try their hand with markers and crayons and papers in many colors and sizes.

Offering places for indoor recreation and other literary activities is a wonderful way to nurture skill development among them and also to help them learn intuitively by making use of various tools. This serves to instill a positive spirit and a spirit of quest among them, motivating them to understand the field of Heritage and its significance in our society, right from formative years.

Explore the priceless artifacts of history and understand the rich legacy of Hyderabad, the state of Telangana and our country. The Department of Heritage & Museums, Telangana invites the students of various schools and educational institutions to visit the State Museum, Public Gardens on a guided educational tour. A great tour and a one of its kind experience guided by Ms. Rebecca, a well-known Gallery Instructor of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Profile: Ms. Rebecca Proskauer

Art is more fun to explore with others. Ms. Rebecca has been a Gallery Instructor at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for 5 years. As a Gallery Instructor, she is well-versed with guide groups of students from grades 2- 12. She aims at 1 hour focused observation of usually 8 to 10 theme related objects. The tours are student centered with an emphasis on discussion through observation. Ms. Rebecca uses open ended questions to engage students thinking and encourages them to apply what they see before them to what they are learning about in the classroom.

Ms. Rebecca’s training at the Museum covers the Art of Greece and Rome, The Art of Egypt, The Art of Mesopotamia through the Mediterranean, European Art, The Art of the Americas, the Art of Asia, and Contemporary Art. She is a BA in Psychology with minor in Art History from Boston University, and a Masters in Education and Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University, Cambridge MA, USA.

Educational Tour

Schools can book their appointment for exclusive and dedicated tours where the children can experience the rich heritage and beautiful past of the state. The monuments offer a complete new perspective for them to explore, and gain awareness regarding history, opening up new vistas for understanding the historical context of the region and the people of that era, their skills, habits, habitats etc.


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