Visiting in a Group

Museums are symbols of the past which creates interest and curiosity among the visitors, who desire to have a glimpse of the rich heritage and culture that is reflected in the form of various artefacts and other items on display.

The Department of Heritage & Museums, Telangana welcomes visitors who intend to visit the museums of the region and ushers a memorable experience which they can carry with them for a long time.

As a repository for the items which were excavated in the region, the five museums of Hyderabad city namely State Museum, Centenary Heritage Museum, Qutb Shahi Toms Museums, Khajana Building and Multi cultural complex have been created with the objective of showing the prominence of Hyderabad in the museum map of the state and the country. There are other site museums, Buddavanam and district museums in the state.

Museums are very much relevant in our society as they are the torchbearers of our history and heritage and it is at museums that one gets to understand the diverse habits of ancestors and royal dynasties which had once ruled this region. It is important to preserve and support the museums because they connect our past with our future.

Had it not been for museums, then it would have been almost impossible to gauge the value of our past and understand what has been done over a series of not just decades, but centuries and millennia. Therefore, the Department of Heritage & Museums, Telangana is fully geared up to welcome groups and tourists and make them a partner in promoting the importance of museums and conserve the priceless antiquities of the region, which are gathered and displayed after painstaking efforts.

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