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Monuments of Adilabad

S.No Name of the Monument Village Mandal Period
1 Siva Temple Asifabad Asifabad 16th —17th C.A.D

Siva Temple

2 Siva Temple wankidi wankidi l4th-16th C.A.D

Siva Temple

3 Vaishnavite Temple Gangapur Asifabad 15th C.A.D

Vaishnavite Temple

4 Neolithic Implements Pareshwar Asifabad 25th C.B.C
5 Wood Fossils Asifabad Asifabad 30th C.B.C
6 Hindu Temple (Lakshmi Narayana Temple) Jainad Jainad 17th C.A.D

Hindu temple (Lakshmi Narayana Temple)

7 Mosque Adilabad Adilabad 16th C.A.D.
8 Siva Temple Gudihatnur Boath 17th C.A.D

Siva Temple

9 Cairns & Menhir Gudihatnur Boath 10th C.B.C.
10 Stone Circle Guraj Boath 10th – 9th C.B.C
11 Neolithic Implements PocheraWater Falls Boath 25th C.B.C
12 Neolithic Implements Dho-ur Boath 25th C.B.C
13 Neolithic Implements Islapur Boath 25th C.B.0
14 Neolithic Implements Kuntala Neredigonda 25th C.B.C
15 Papahareswara Temple Kandli Bazarhathnoor 17th C.A.D

Papahareswara Temple

16 Fortifications Lakshettipet Lakshettipet 13th -14th C.A.D
17 Neolithic Implements Pangir Bhainsa 25th C.B.C
18 Gopaliji's Temple & Other Temple, Inscriptions on the Tank Bund. Bhainsa Bhainsa 18th C.A.D

Gopaliji's Temple

19 Idgah & Muslim Daraghas Bhainsa Bhainsa 1702 C.A.D.
20 Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara Mudhole 13th - 14th C.A.D

Gnana Saraswathi Temple

21 Stone Circle Sirla Degaon Bhainsa 10th - 9th C.B.0
22 Fort Shamgadh Nirmal 17th - 18th C.A.D

Fort Shamgadh

23 Fort Sonagadh Nirmal 17th - 18th C.A.D
24 Neolithic Implements Sonagadh Nirmal 25th C.B.C
25 Stone Circle Sonagadh Nirmal 10th - 9th C.B.C
26 Mahadev Temple Nirmal Nirmal 13th C.A.D
27 Jami Masjid (Late Qutubshahi Style) Nirmal Nirmal 17th C.A.D
28 Fortifications Nirmal Nirmal 18th C.A.D
29 Saradmahal Nirmal Nirmal 17th - 18th C.A.D
30 Neolithic Implements Narsapur Ichoda 25tth C.B.C
31 Neolithic Implements Khanapur Khanapur 25th C.B.C
32 Fossils Sirpur Sirpur (Kagajnagar) 30th C.B.C
33 Siva Temple Utnur Utnur 16th -17th C.A.D

Siva Temple

34 Fort & Idgah Utnur Utnur 17thC.A.D

Fort and Idgah

35 Gandhari Kota Timmapur (Gandharikota) Mandamarri 17th C.A.D


36 Ancient Mound with two pairs of Carved Feet Bhainsa Bhainsa 3rd C.A.D
37 Mahadev Temple Sadulpur Bela 11th - 12th C.A.D

Mahadev Temple